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Welcome to the -website offers information about the Government as an employer. Information can be found in the official languages in Finland, namely Finnish and Swedish. The information has been divided into eight main sections:

  • Working for the Government – General information about and some characteristic features of different government jobs.
  • Get to know the employers – Government offices, institutions and operational units present themselves as employers.
  • Get to know the employees – A number of government employees tell about their experiences of working for the Government in writing. In addition, there are five video presentations.
  • Recruitment to the Government – Basic information about the recruitment process and applying for a government job. The eRecruitment tool Heli is also introduced.
  • Young people and students – Information related to diploma work and practical training in the Government.
  • Articles – A forum for articles related to the Government as an employer.
  • Events – Recruitment-related fairs and other occasions relevant to government organisations.
  • FAQ – Answers to some frequently asked questions.
  • Nominations – Here is presented the nominations done in the different government organisations.
  • Links – Here is collected all the links you find on the web site.

The website is hosted by the Ministry of Finance, Personnel Department (The Office for the Government as Employer) and the Treasury.


The Government as employer in a nut shell

  • Number of personnel: 85,072
  • Women 48.7 %, men 51.3 %
  • Average age of personnel: 45.7
  • Average total earnings: EUR 3,654/month

Number of personnel by sub-sector:

Security operations 35,149
Business services 13,577
Research 9,206
Financial and Insurance services, state funds mgmt. 6,574
Administration of justice 6,118
Ministries 5,656
Regional and environmental services 2,180
Other educational and training services 1,481
Transport and communications 1,460
Social affairs and employment services 1,598
Cultural services 1,094
Other operations 979
Total 85,072

Source: Tahti, based on 2011 data 

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Heli eRecruitment tool

We prefer eRecruiting

The Heli eRecruiting solution can also be found at this site. Heli has the following sublinks: Job openings, Update your application, Search watch, Open application and Heli instructions.


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