Employers and employees

The Government serves citizens, companies and communities at all levels. The Finnish State also influences the achievement of national objectives in the European Union and other international relations.

The government administration has a broad range of tasks including:

  • fundamental tasks of society, including the rule of law and the safety and security of citizens
  • tasks associated with well-being, including science, culture and social security
  • tasks associated with supporting infrastructure, livelihoods and sustainable development.

The Government employs some 80 000 people and has 185 employer agencies on different area of responsibility. A typical public servant or job is thus difficult to describe. Working for the Government offers many opportunities.

Working in government

While types of work vary greatly between government jobs, every job has independent, interesting and challenging tasks to offer. The work often also is international. If you had to pick one term to describe the various jobs, the word expert probably is the most apt.

Government employers have many differences There are differences in practices, organisational structures, types of employment relationship etc. In this section, agencies describe their specific characteristics.

Things that seem to be common to all government jobs are shared values and ethics, certain terms of employment, major remuneration policies and positive approach to development.

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