Employers and employees

Working for the Government

The Government employs some 74,000 people. There are over 300 agencies. A typical public servant or job is thus difficult to describe. This setting is inspiring and offers a number of opportunities for Government employees.

The State works like a group

Even if the operation and duties of Government employers are widely different, each one offer their personnel independent, interesting and challenging tasks. The work often also is international. If you had to pick one term to describe the various jobs, the word expert probably is the most apt.

Government employers have many differences related to their operating methods, organisation structures, types of public service employment relationships, funding etc. In this section, the agencies describe their special features.

From the perspective of the personnel, the most clear-cut common features probably are shared basic values and ethics, certain conditions of the employment relationship, general pay policies and a positive attitude to development.

A change means new opportunities

Our state group is also facing a new, crucial challenge, as there will be a significant level of staff turnover due to retirements in central government over the next few years. For this reason, the need to recruit new employees will be stressed, even if the total number of personnel will go down.

The Government is a good employer

A well-functioning and efficient central government is a national success factor!

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