Get to know the employees

The Government offers a wide range of tasks and jobs. To get to know Government employees, use the list below or select an agency in the section Employers and employees.

Geologist Akseli Torppa works at the Geological Survey of Finland.
Anna Hatva-Jokinen works as examination secretary at the Matriculation Examination Board’s secretariat.
Antti Ilolakso works as a Senior Officer at the Agency for Rural Affairs.
Antti Kaakinen works as Senior Inspector at the Legal Register Centre.
Antti Mäkelä is Head of the Weather and Climate Research Group at the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s Climate Service Centre
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Published 2014-11-14 at 10:23, updated 2018-02-02 at 16:02

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Get to know the employers

If you wish to work for the Government, it will always be possible to find a task that is suitable for your, but which employer could offer the biggest potential? Read more >