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If you wish to work for the Government, it will always be possible to find a task that is suitable for your, but which employer could offer the biggest potential? We have included a list of Government employers on this page. You can also browse the employers by administrative branch in the section Employers and employees. To look for other public sector actors, go to the website

The task of the Parliamentary Ombudsman is to oversee and promote legality and fundamental and human rights.
Parliament enacts legislation, approves the state budget, ratifies international treaties and oversees the Government. Parliament plays a strong role in matters related to the EU.
The Parliamentary Office is responsible for creating the proper conditions for Parliament to carry out its tasks as an organ of state.
The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland (STUK) is the authority and expert organization responsible for monitoring radiation and nuclear safety.
The Regional State Administrative Agency carries out executive, steering and supervisory tasks of the Finnish legislation in the regions.
Sámi Education Institute organizes multi-disciplinary professional education in Finnish and Sámi languages and promotes Sámi culture throughout the Sámi area.
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