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If you wish to work for the Government, it will always be possible to find a task that is suitable for your, but which employer could offer the biggest potential? We have included a list of Government employers on this page. You can also browse the employers by administrative branch in the section Employers and employees. To look for other public sector actors, go to the website

The task of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is to promote the digitalisation of society, to secure the availability of data, and to offer services for the life events of its customers.
District courts deal with criminal, civil and petitionary matters. In civil matters, a district court issues an impartial decision in a dispute between private persons or companies.
ELY Centres develop and support sustainable well-being economically, socially and ecologically in collaboration with other organisations.
The Emergency Services Academy Finland provides basic vocational and further education for the personnel of the rescue services and emergency response centres.
Employment and Economic Development Offices (TE Services) operate at local government level providing services to employers and job seekers.
The Energy Authority promotes and monitors the energy market as well as promotes the reduction of emissions, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.
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Published 2014-11-14 at 10:28, updated 2018-02-02 at 16:08

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Get to know the employees

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