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If you wish to work for the Government, it will always be possible to find a task that is suitable for your, but which employer could offer the biggest potential? We have included a list of Government employers on this page. You can also browse the employers by administrative branch in the section Employers and employees. To look for other public sector actors, go to the website

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs promotes the security and welfare of Finland and the Finns, and strives to attain a fair and secure world.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry secures domestic food production and sustainable use of renewable natural resources.
The Ministry of Defence is in charge of the national defence policy and security as well as international defence cooperation.
The Ministry of Employment and the Economy is responsible for the operating environment underpinning entrepreneurship and innovation activities, securing the functioning of the labour market.
The Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for the future skills and creativity base.
The Ministry of Finance prepares economic and fiscal policy, drafts the annual Budget, and offers experience in tax policy matters.
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Published 2014-11-14 at 10:28, updated 2018-02-02 at 16:08

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Get to know the employees

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