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The Ministry for Foreign Affairs promotes the security and welfare of Finland and the Finns and strives to attain a fair and secure world. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and its network of diplomatic missions abroad serve Finns, Finland’s economy and society, government leaders and Parliament. The activities range from managing Finland's relations with other countries to assisting Finnish nationals abroad.

New employees are recruited mainly through two application procedures: a training course on international affairs (KAVAKU) for those who consider a career in the diplomatic career path, and an induction course qualifying for various administrative positions (HALKU).

Those who have taken the training course on international affairs have career opportunities in a variety of international positions. The administrative staff work in assistant, consular, general administration and various auxiliary roles. Both career paths involve rotating between postings of approximately 3 to 4 years in Helsinki and at a mission abroad. 

In addition, the Ministry employs public officials for specialist posts and a certain number of staff who work under contractual employment relationships. Specialist staff are, for example lawyers, senior advisers for development policy or employees in various administrative officer or senior adviser positions.

The Foreign Service employs approximately 2,400 staff, of whom 850 work in Finland. Over 500 employees are posted to work in the 90 missions and offices abroad. The missions also employ about 900 locally engaged staff.

Please visit the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to get more information about career opportunities in the Foreign Service and about current vacancies.

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