Joni Heliskoski


Legal Counsellor Joni Heliskoski is Director of the Unit for EU Litigation, subordinate to the Legal Service at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
“I consider my work to be varied and interesting, but also challenging and international.
I work as the Agent for Finland at the Court of Justice of the European Union. The content of my work comprises a very wide range of expert tasks pertaining to EU law, as well as the managerial tasks handled by the director of the unit. The best features of my work are a good work community and interesting tasks.

I have held my current position for seven and a half years. My background consists of several years in various EU legal expert positions in government, including at the Ministry of Justice, the Prime Minister’s Office and Finland’s Permanent Mission to the EU in Brussels. I completed my basic studies in law at the University of Helsinki and postgraduate studies in the field of EU law, including my doctoral dissertation, at the University of Cambridge in the UK.

My job requires good general knowledge of matters pertaining to the European Union and EU law as well as good language skills. The most important foreign languages are English and French, which is the working language of the EU Court of Justice. Good cooperation skills as well as management skills are also important in my job.

Anyone coming to work at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs should have initiative, and should be cooperative and willing to perform different types of tasks. Attitude is perhaps the most important of all characteristics.”