Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry secures domestic food production and sustainable use of renewable natural resources and creates the preconditions for economic activities and well-being derived from these.

The Ministry’s administrative branch comprises agriculture and horticulture, rural development, forestry, veterinary service, control of foodstuffs of animal origin, fisheries, game and reindeer husbandry, use of water resources, land surveying and spatial information.

Typical job descriptions

The majority of the Ministry’s staff work in expert duties. Besides these, there are superior officials and assisting staff at different levels. The Ministry’s duties relate to legislative preparation, steering of the administrative branch and EU and international cooperation. The Ministry is the main actor in the EU’s common agricultural policy and preparation and implementation of the related legislation in Finland. The EU and international perspectives are also important in food safety, fisheries policy and forestry.

Expert duties require diverse knowledge and good cooperation skills.


Most of the Ministry’s staff hold a higher academic degree. Typical fields of science include agriculture and forestry, law and administration and veterinary science.


Finland is a pioneer and competitive pacemaker of a responsible food chain.

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The office building of The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


Good to know about us

The Ministry’s most important resource is its skilled and motivated staff. We encourage our staff to further improve their expertise and we support the reconciling of work and family life.

Contact information

The Ministry’s premises are in Helsinki, in Hallituskatu and Mariankatu

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