National Land Survey of Finland

The National Land Survey produces information for the public and various organisations related to the use and utilisation of land. We do land surveying, maintain property information, produce map data, handle registrations of title and mortgages, develop ICT systems, and promote the research and application of spatial data.

At the National Land Survey, we show the way in many aspects, believe in experimentation and do things that are significant to the well-being of society. 

The National Land Survey has offices in 36 localities across Finland, from Mariehamn to Ivalo. In addition to our offices, our employees also work in the terrain, from home or in any other location best suited to the task at hand.

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Information, services and research about the Earth

The majority of our employees work in surveying. Our cartographers and surveyors parcel out plots for summer cottages, mark out the boundaries of future motorways in the terrain and on the map and perform land consolidations of farmland to make the jobs of farmers easier.

Thanks to our experts in registration issues, land registration secretaries and lawyers, the owning, buying and selling of property as well as securing loans are in safe hands in Finland.

The researchers of the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute at the National Land Survey perform measurements and research benefiting the whole society in the field of mapping in cooperation with universities and research institutes, public organisations and companies.

The specialists at the Centre for ICT Services at the National Land Survey are responsible for the information systems and information management of the National Land Survey.

Employees are happy at work

The National Land Survey is a modern employer that invests in the wellbeing and satisfaction of its employees. Supervisors have been key – their competence and skills have been developed so that the employees can have a sense of good leadership in the organisation.

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Employees of The National Land Survey of Finland.

God to know about us

The National Land Survey's innovative working culture is based on trusting our employees. There is a lot of flexibility in working hours and locations in our organisation. The most important thing about work is achieving good results. Through professional, coaching leadership we support reaching goals and well-being at work.

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