Laura Ruotsalainen

Research Manager

Laura Ruotsalainen is the research manager at the Department of Navigation and Positioning of the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI at the National Land Survey of Finland. FGI is a research and expert facility, specialising in research and development in support of geographic information infrastructures.

– I manage a research group called Sensors and Indoor Navigation. No two working days are ever alike, because my work description is so extensive. My daily tasks include, for example, reading and writing publications, doing and managing research and writing financing applications, brainstorming new directions for research with colleagues and presenting our research to several different stakeholders. In addition, I manage two working groups in international working community networks, says Laura.

Laura has a Master of Philosophy degree in computer science from the University of Helsinki. In 2013, she received a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Tampere University of Technology.

– The focus of my research is navigation, particularly in environments and conditions that are challenging for satellite positioning. Challenging environments include indoor and urban environments. Challenging conditions include wilful interference of satellite positioning. I'm interested in finding new innovative solutions to navigational problems, my dissertation deals with using a camera as a navigational sensor.

Laura has worked as a researcher both at the University of Helsinki and the University of Calgary in Canada. In addition to her work at FGI, she is a lecturer at the Aalto University together with two colleagues. The series of lectures concerns Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology.

– One of the rewarding things about working as a researcher at FGI is the constant need to learn new things. It is necessary to challenge oneself, and I find that inspiring. In addition, as a researcher I meet people all the time who are intelligent and passionate about their work, says Laura with a smile.