Tanja Viljanen

Head of the Legal Unit

I work as the Head of the Legal Unit of the Food Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In my work I need experience from various fields, especially strong expertise in legislative drafting processes and judicial matters. What is also needed is analytical mind, logical thinking, understanding of broad and complex entities, and planning, networking, interaction and person skills.

I hold the degree of Master of Laws. As a young lawyer I came to work under the Ministry quite by chance - I heard about the vacancy, applied, and got the job.
The best about the Legal Unit are the skilled and nice colleagues who respect their own expertise and that of others. The diverse and deep expertise in law is characterized by fruitful and flexible interaction and cooperation, and it serves the Ministry’s experts in other fields in diverse ways. The work done by me and others is most interesting, and I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to work in different post at the Ministry, thus always learning something new.

For new employees, I encourage them to network as much as possible both within the Ministry and its administrative branch as well as with other ministries and other stakeholders. Knowing the people makes the work a lot easier. I urge both old and new staff members to keep an open mind and constantly improve their skills. One should also be prepared to learn something quite new – it is very enlightening to look at one’s work from another angle from time to time.