Ministry of Defence

As part of the Government and the relevant ministry providing guidelines for defence administration, the Ministry of Defence is responsible for national defence policy and security as well as international defence policy cooperation.

Further responsibilities of the Ministry of Defence include providing resources for military national defence and securing operational requirements for the Defence Forces, overseeing Finland’s participation in international crisis-management and contributing to European security structures to secure national interests.

The Ministry of Defence is a civilian organisation where a total of 148 staff was employed at the end of 2013; one-half of the staff is women and 20 employees of the entire staff have a military background.  The average age is 46 years.

As to the educational background, most employees hold a college or university degree or a diploma in higher education or secondary education. About 70% are college or university graduates with a degree in political science, law, arts, military sciences or business studies.

The Ministry of Defence offers a wide range of jobs both in Finland and abroad. The work in the Ministry is carried out in the three Departments, four independent Units, the Secretariat of the Security Committee and the Secretariat of the Advisory Board for Defence Information, with the internal work of the Departments further divided into a number of units. Directors of Departments and Units coordinate the work carried out under their leadership.

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The office building of the Ministry of Defence.

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Its key tasks include providing resources for military national defence, securing operational requirements for international crisis management, contributing to European security structures and bearing responsibility for maintaining national defence will in the long term.

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