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Fast evolving, highly regarded and safe: those are the words used to commonly describe the Finnish Defence Forces as an employer. The FDF offer versatile and engaging jobs all across Finland. Of our 12,000 employees, one third are civilians. Each of our employees has a particular skill and the work they do is highly regarded in Finnish society.

The FDF have a range of versatile jobs for both civilians and soldiers. The FDF are employers on a national scale; offices can be found as far and wide as southern Finland and Lapland.

Studies show the working atmosphere in the FDF is good. Our employees are especially happy with their tasks, the team spirit and with their immediate superior. FDF employee attitude surveys consistently yield good results, which is reflected in our low employee turnover.

Personnel are our most important asset. That is why, for instance, personnel are offered numerous sports and physical exercise opportunities. Tasks within the FDF are independent and engaging and employment contracts are reliable. We encourage our personnel to develop their professional skills.

Some 4,000 civilians work in the FDF around Finland either in vocational jobs or as subject-matter experts with a tertiary degree. The range of jobs in the FDF is wide. Civilian job titles number in the hundreds. They include such titles as fitter, PT instructor, engineer, chief of systems development, researcher, social welfare officer, financial coordinator, training coordinator, public information officer, legal adviser and physician. Behind the job title stands a qualified professional. Civilian posts require the ability to apply one's know-how, education and work experience to a military environment. Military service is not a prerequisite. Half of civilian employees are women.

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