Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment promotes sustainable growth

The objective of economic and business policy is to effectively regulate the labour market and businesses, and to provide financing and services for matching jobs with jobseekers. Market entry is made easy, and the best companies enjoy good growth opportunities.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment aims to build confidence by creating well-functioning markets and wise regulation. Well-functioning markets and fair competition benefit both consumers and companies. Fair competition results in higher quality products and services, and in more productive companies.

The objective of energy policy is to consistently move towards a sustainable climate-neutral society, and to promote new energy solutions and their worldwide export.

In its regional policy measures, the Ministry takes account of regional strengths and conditions, thereby supporting renewal.

Integration policy priorities include support to immigrants to bolster social cohesion and settling as local residents, well-organised and controlled placement of immigrants granted international protection in municipalities, and good cooperation between the state and municipalities.

Organisation and duties

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has two ministers: the Minister of Employment and the Minister of Economic Affairs. The highest-ranking permanent official at the Ministry is the Permanent Secretary. The Ministry employs approximately 420 officials. Approximately 8,000 people are employed in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

The Ministry performs demanding and diverse expert and management tasks. The duties vary due to the Ministry’s broad remit and include strategic planning, legislative drafting, guidance, influence and international cooperation within the areas of responsibility.

Approximately two-thirds of the Ministry’s staff hold a higher education degree. The most common degrees are higher education degrees in law, political science, economics or business, and technical fields.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment: Values

Creativity and effectiveness

Our activities are fruitful and effective. We do the right things and work efficiently and creatively in implementing them. We encourage creativity and innovation. We encourage new ideas. We remember customer-orientation in all of our activities. We are continuously prepared to respond to change.

Openness and cooperation

In its work, the Ministry ensures the reliability of public activities, in order to maintain citizens’ and enterprises’ confidence in the equality, independence and fairness of public authorities’ activities. Openness refers to our preparedness to accept criticism and change alongside changes in the operating environment. The Ministry will achieve its goals via cooperation between units operating under and within the ministry, both nationally and internationally. We appreciate the customer service approach and are developing it further. Our approach is characterised by flexibility and a genuine willingness to cooperate. We want to be easy to approach and to construct relationships in the long-term.

Humanity and fairness

The Ministry is a public sector operator. Humanity and fairness form the basis of our sound administrative governance, decision-making and treatment of customers. They also underpin our responsible operating procedures, trust and equality. In our everyday work, we appreciate our partners and each other. We are developing a culture of mutual care and attention. We promote the reconciliation of working life and family life.

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