Working for the central government: Checking water readings with a public official

Published 2017-08-22 at 13:49

Working for the central government is an article series that introduces readers to interesting central government jobs and employees. Central government employers can submit articles to the editorial staff at valtiorekrytoint(at) The articles will be published on the website and distributed on social media channels.

Today I will shadow Pasi Toro, Research Expert at Kainuu ELY Centre. We will be checking sensors that take automatic water readings. Welcome on board!

Kainuun ELY, Pasi Toro
Research Expert Pasi Toro. 

8.15 We collect the gear from the office and get ready to go out. While the measurement device is calibrating, we have time to grab a quick coffee. The sensors may not be frozen, so the crisp minus 23 degrees out there are something of a problem. We bring several flasks full of hot water. Luckily, we manage to start the car!

8.45 We hitch a trailer behind the car and head for the first point of call.

9.45 We stop over on the way to pick up a snowmobile.

Kainuun ELY, Lumikola
We also bring a snow shovel. And as you can see, this was a good move.

10.23 The first stop: we pick up boat stands to take to another measuring spot where they will wait for the summer to come and the ice to thaw.

10.40 We reach the crossroads were we intended to jump into the snowmobile. To our surprise, the road has been cleared of snow, and we can drive all the way there. Far too easy! Usually you need to go through deep snow to get to the spot. The temperature’s gone up slightly, too.

Kainuun ELY, ysimittaus
Checking the water height.

11.00 Lumijoki River. We check the first sensors. We take YSI measurements and check the water height. At the same time, we make sure that the automatic measuring instrument is working properly.

13.00 Kivijoki River. This time, we need to use the snowmobile and zigzag among the trees to get to our destination. After a few minor mishaps, we also manage to transport the boat supports. In the summer, a boat is used to take the measurements. Today, however, the ice is thick and no boat is needed.

Kainuun ELY, Mittausantureiden tarkistus
Checking the sensors.

14.00 Lunch. Very tasty after a day outdoors.

15.30 We return the snowmobile.

16.00 Back to the office to return the gear. The YSI measurement results are sent on to be compared to readings provided by the automatic sensors. At home, I think bathing in the sauna would be nice.

(The feature was published on 7 March 2017 in the Kaikuja Kainuusta blog of Kainuu ELY Centre. Photos and text: Ilona Mäki-Maukola.