Employment and Economic Development Offices

Who are we?

The Employment and Economic Development Office, or the TE Office, is a state authority that organises and provides employment and business development services. It is important to us that each jobseeker can get the help they need in their specific life situation, employers find the person they are looking for, and entrepreneurs can get their business up and running and have the courage to turn their vision into reality. We also want our customers to be satisfied with the service they receive. To this end, we provide diverse services for jobseekers, employers, and entrepreneurs. We help jobseekers find work quickly, improve the availability of a skilled workforce, and safeguard companies’ operating prerequisites.

There are 15 regional TE Offices in Finland which offer employment and business development services in their respective operating areas. In total, the TE Offices employ about 3,000 professionals of different fields. We also cooperate extensively with regional and national actors and partners.

Our staff are employment experts who work in diverse roles of employment and business services. The positions are socially significant, as they enable you to influence the promotion of employment in your region in many areas. Additionally, our offices offer diverse supervisory, management, and special positions in such areas as communications, psychological, and legal services.

Come work with us!

Are you the next TE Office professional? Join us and become an expert at the TE Office. An equal and fair recruitment process for all applicants is one of our main objectives.

You can see all of our vacancies in the Vacancies section of this page. You can filter jobs by municipality or regional TE Office. Read more about us on social media and the TE Offices as an employer section on our website.

Published 2015-04-16 at 12:30, updated 2023-02-17 at 15:44

Employment and Economic Development Offices

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