Energy Authority

The Energy Authority promotes and monitors the energy market as well as promotes the reduction of emissions, energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy.

The authority is a special agency operating under the Ministry of Employment and the Economy in both Finland and abroad. Its first predecessor, the Electricity Market Centre (Sähkömarkkinakeskus) was established in 1995. It is divided into six departments: Emissions Trading, Markets, Networks, Renewable Energy, Administration and Energy Efficiency. Most of the Energy Authority's employees are specialists or work in administrative positions.

As the National Emissions Trading Authority in Finland, the Energy Authority performs duties including licensing, registration and regulation. The Networks department regulates electricity and natural gas networks.

Regulation of the support scheme for electricity from renewable sources and duties by virtue of the Sustainability Criteria Act are part of the Energy Authority's duties. Administrative duties include issues connected to personnel, finances and IT systems, for example.

The Energy Authority promotes the operation of the competitive electricity market and monitors compliance with the Electricity Market Act. Its energy efficiency duties include issues involving energy efficiency agreements, energy surveys, ecological design of products and energy labels.

The Energy Authority is an administrative body of social significance in the energy sector. The Energy Authority specialists cooperate not only with Finnish parties active in the energy sector but also with EU bodies when developing the sector and the Energy Authority organisation.

The average age of employees is 39 years. Approximately half of the Energy Authority's employees are male and half are female.

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Good to know about us

Located in the Sörnäinen district of Helsinki, the Energy Authority employs 90 people in various specialist positions. Most of them have a technical, financial or legal university degree or postgraduate degree.

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Address: Lintulahdenkuja 2 A, fifth floor, FIN-00530 Helsinki

Telephone: +358 29 5050 000