Jorma Lehtonen

Chief Patent Examiner, Head of Division

Jorma Lehtonen is head of the mechanical engineering examination unit in our Patents and Innovations Line. His work involves managerial HR duties (from job interviews to annual leave arrangements), distribution and organisation of work, specialist tasks in his examination unit, national and international collaboration with stakeholders, training of staff and courses for clients, and efforts to improve work processes and internal communication.

Jorma is a Doctor of Science (Technology), and he has worked at a university, in the private sector, and as an entrepreneur. He has worked previously as a patent examiner in our examination unit for construction and electrical engineering. 

‘As a head of division, you need extensive technical knowledge, organising skills, creativity, and presentational and social skills. In the future, I see myself in a managerial position working with development in a specialist organisation. Today I know more about how machines work than how organisations with humans work. But in five years, it will be the other way around. The best thing about the PRH is that I have varied work and the opportunity to follow the frontline of social developments.’