Tuulimarja Myllymäki

Legal Adviser

Tuulimarja Myllymäki is a legal adviser in our Trademarks and Designs Line. She processes applications, advises clients on trademarks, and publishes useful information for clients on our website. Tuulimarja also participates in development and collaboration projects with other European trademark offices.

Previously, Tuulimarja worked on EU tasks at a ministry level. A fellow student who had been working for the PRH encouraged her to apply for a fixed-term public-service position at the PRH.

‘In my job as a legal adviser, you need to be a good listener and be able to explain things clearly. It is important to find the most essential facts in each client case, and give information about the alternatives, so that non-experts will understand. 

I’ve been working at the PRH for over 14 years and hope to keep it that way. I have an interesting and demanding job in a changing operating environment.   

The best thing about the PRH is that it is a modern, European office – we are actively involved in international collaboration.’