Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) monitors and promotes the safety and reliability of products, services and industrial activities, as well as consumer and chemical safety, across different fields. Our fields of operation include electricity and lifts, mining, chemical products, chemical production plants, explosives, fireworks, pressure equipment, measuring instruments, articles made of precious metals, rescue service equipment, construction products, consumer safety and the energy efficiency and ecological efficiency of products. The FINAS Finnish Accreditation Service operates as an independent and impartial unit within the Tukes organisation. You can read more on the operations of FINAS here.

Our objective is a responsible, safe and competitive Finland

We carry out supervision activities with a risk-based approach, while offering information and guidance. We continuously develop our operations and actively communicate about them. At Tukes, we want to build collaboration and lead the way. It is important to us to work together with expertise – experimenting boldly and reforming innovatively. You can read more about the Tukes strategy here.

We employ specialists working in varied and independent duties

Around 250 people work at our offices in Helsinki, Tampere and Rovaniemi. Most of our personnel work in specialist tasks that include supervision, communication, development and international cooperation.

We are a specialist organisation offering tasks that are responsible, independent and challenging. We support the development of our employees and provide career paths that enable people to move to more demanding specialist tasks and supervisory roles within the organisation. Close international cooperation and contacts with authorities in other countries are part of the everyday work of many employees at Tukes.

For example, we employ chemists and people with master's degrees in engineering as senior officers and assessors. We process licence applications, conduct supervision and business visits and provide our customers with advice and guidance to ensure safe operations that comply with the regulations.

We are a modern community of specialists in which people like to work

We want to be a modern community of specialists with a focus on high-quality leadership and the well-being of our employees. We are proud of our modern, diverse premises, our tools and our flexible working time arrangements.

We make investments in job satisfaction and long employment relationships. We value proficiency, experience and, above all, the ability to re-invent oneself, enthusiasm and commitment.

We offer:

  • flexible working hours, the weekly working hours are 36 hours and 15 minutes
  • vouchers for physical and cultural activities
  • option to work away from the office
  • a complexity and performance-based salary system
  • support and encouragement for continuous professional development
  • comprehensive occupational health services
  • various activities that promote well-being at work.

​At Tukes, our employees are civil servants and we abide by the government’s general terms and conditions of employment.

Staff of the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency

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Good to know about us

We have a busy and active atmosphere at Tukes and are strongly committed to our key goal, safety. We focus intently on project work and competence development, and take good care of our employees. 

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Tukes has three main offices: one in the Pasila office centre in Helsinki, one in Tampere at Attila Premices, and one in Rovaniemi in the Lapland Regional State Administrative Agency building.

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