Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) supervises and promotes technical safety and conformity, as well as consumer and chemicals safety, in various sectors in Finland. Tukes supervises products, services and production systems, and enforces the relevant legislation. The purpose of Tukes' operations is to protect people, property and the environment from risks to safety. Fields of operation include electricity and lifts, mining, chemical products, chemical production plants, explosives, fireworks, pressure equipment, measuring instruments, articles made of precious metals, rescue service equipment, construction products, consumer safety and the energy efficiency and ecological efficiency of products. Tukes employs approximately 250 people.


Our employees are experts in the technical and natural sciences sector. Their job is to supervise and enhance safety. In addition to supervisory duties, their work involves cooperation, communications and advisory services at national and international level, and development and research projects. Their titles include Product Safety Engineer, Senior Adviser and Chief Engineer. In addition, the R&D and Support Services unit employs professionals in various fields, including finance, IT, HR, communication and development.

High quality standards are key for us and we lead the way in developing the quality of Finland's public administration. We believe in the power of communication: all Tukes employees are “media officers”. At Tukes, you will have the opportunity to develop into a highly qualified professional in the company of friendly colleagues.

Our employees are highly qualified: most of them hold degrees in technology or the natural sciences. The distribution of qualifications is as follows: postgraduate degree 12%, Master's degree 50%, Bachelor's degree 16%, lower stages of higher education 7%, higher secondary education 13%, basic education 2%. Many Tukes employees have completed degrees while working. We support and encourage further study!


Our aim is to make society safe, technically reliable and ecologically sustainable. To attain this, we invest in
• risk-based safety assessment and control
• high-quality results that encourage safety, and the best service in the public administration sector
• the efficiency and functionality of our operational processes and cooperation networks
• high-quality leadership, employee expertise and well-being at work.

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Good to know about us

We have a busy and active atmosphere at Tukes and are strongly committed to our key goal, safety. We focus intently on project work and competence development, and take good care of our employees. 

Contact information

Tukes has three main offices: one in the Pasila office centre in Helsinki, one in Tampere at Technopolis in Yliopistonrinne, and one in Rovaniemi in the Lapland Regional State Administrative Agency building.

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