Maija Lyly-Yrjänäinen

Senior Adviser

My main task is to produce and analyse information on working life for use in decision-making.  I am responsible for the working life barometer prepared by the Ministry, which provides information about trends in the working conditions of wage and salary earners in Finland.  I also monitor and use working life research more extensively and prepare reports and presentations on results that can be used as a basis for the development of working life.  This is a really interesting topic and it is also of importance for society at large.

It is important to have smooth cooperation within the Ministry, between ministries and with other expert organisations and networks in Finland and other countries so that we can have an overall picture of the situation and can all work for a better working life.  At the same time my job also involves a great deal of independent work. 

I collect and analyse information, write texts, produce and develop ideas in my own office and in teams, coordinate projects and networks and provide information about the results in working groups, meetings and seminars.  The work requires extensive knowledge about the field of working life research and different research methods. My previous work experience in the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions and in Statistics Finland and a social psychologist's degree have been of great help in my work.

The Ministry offers me a broad range of different tasks that involve responsibilities in many fields. In my work, I also have a chance to get a good overall picture of changes in working life and how working life should be developed. The aim is to improve the quality of working life and increase productivity.  When we are working towards this aim, the main role of a special adviser is to influence developments by providing information.