Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE) is part of the Government. MEAE's task is to build an operating environment and to ensure productivity, growth, high levels of employment and well-being.

The following areas fall within the ministry’s remit:

• industrial policy
• functionality of markets, promotion of competition and consumer policy
• energy policy and coordination of the preparation and implementation of the climate policy at national level
• employment and unemployment matters, as well as public employment services
• work-environment issues, non-discrimination in working life, collective agreements and arbitration of industrial disputes
• regional development and co-operation areas of the regional councils
• innovation and technology policy, internationalisation of enterprises and technical safety
• non-military service
• overall administrative steering of Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and
• integration of immigrants.

As part of the Government, the ministry implements the Government Programme, drafts legislation, monitors and develops issues falling within its remit and steers the agencies in its administrative branch.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has three ministers: the Minister of Economic Affairs, the Minister of Employment and the Minister for Housing, Energy and the Environment.

The Permanent Secretary is the highest official at the ministry. The Ministry employs approximately 410 officials. MEE's administrative sector employs a staff of ca. 8,000 people.

The ministry carries out demanding and diverse expert and management tasks. The job descriptions vary in accordance with the ministry's extensive line of activities: the area of responsibility includes strategic planning, preparation of legislation, guidance, influencing and cooperation.

Of the ministry's personnel, approx. 2/3 possess a higher academic degree. The most common degrees are those in social science, law, business and technology.

Mission and vision

Mission: We will build an internationally competitive operating environment for Finnish labour and industry, supporting economic renewal. The objective is a high level of employment on a sustainable basis, and the resulting wellbeing.

Vision: Finland's competitiveness, employment and wellbeing are of the highest level globally and can withstand tremors in the world economy. Our success is built on the Corporate’s shared practices and strong co-operation across organisational boundaries, as part of public administration activities as a whole.

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The office building of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

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Aleksanterinkatu 4-10,
00170 Helsinki
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P.O. Box 32, FI-00023  GOVERNMENT, Finland

Telephone switchboard: +358 29 516001

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