Päivi Piittisjärvi

Management Secretary
Describe your work: It covers a broad range of different tasks, such as arranging meetings, preparing timetables and producing statistical material.  It also involves management of many different information systems, contacts/provision of information in my own unit and between units, online communications, etc.

Your background: I have a long work history in different central government agencies. 

1. Your job (place of work and work task)
I work in the Ministry's Corporate Steering Unit, assisting in the performance guidance processes of the administrative branch and in budgetary and financial processes.  The work involves close interaction with the Ministry's departments and with the actors and stakeholders of its administrative branch. 
When necessary, I also assist in administrative tasks across departmental boundaries.

2. Special competence (competence that is particularly needed in your work)
It is important to be familiar with how central government, the Ministry and its administrative branch work and the procedures used in them.  One must also have good knowledge of the tasks of one's own unit, good information technology skills, language skills and social skills.

3. Your education and training
I have vocational qualification in business and administration and I have also taken courses and received training in information technology, information systems and languages. 

4. How did you start in the Ministry?
I came to the Ministry in autumn 2012 after reading an advertisement for the post. I have been working in agencies coming under the Ministry of Employment and the Economy for more than twenty years in both Northern and Southern Finland. 

5. Your advice to people starting work in the Ministry
Have an open and curious mind, familiarise yourself with your tasks and get to know other Ministry employees.

6. The best thing about the Ministry
For me personally, the best thing in the Ministry of Employment and the Economy are the interesting work tasks, good colleagues, a good workplace community and a good community spirit in our joint open workspace.

7. What will you be doing and where will you be in five years' time?
I will probably still be in the Ministry. However, I am quite willing to accept new challenges.