The Geological Survey of Finland

The task of the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) is to produce the information society and the business sector need to promote the managed and sustainable use of Earth resources. GTK serves as Finland’s national geoscientific information centre and participates actively in international research and project work.

Typical jobs are researcher and geologist. Employees with at least an advanced academic degree 53%. Typical degree is geologist.

Vision: Geology as a basis for sustainable growth and welfare.

GTK’s values: Customer-orientedness, cooperation, trust and responsibility.

Hallway talk: "We have the most precise research equipment in Finland."

We operate in six locations. We participate also in projects in Central Asia, Aftica and South America.

Tuija Vähäkuopus works as a geologist at the Geological Survey of Finland.
Geologist Akseli Torppa works at the Geological Survey of Finland.
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Employee of the Geological Survey of Finland in the terrain.  Photo: Esko Koistinen.

Good to know about us

Our research projects create new technology, applications and innovations for the sustainable development of society. We are a national and internationally active operator.

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Betonimiehenkuja 4

Other units:
Eastern Finland Office, Kuopio
Northern Finland Office, Rovaniemi
Western Finland Office, Kokkola
Mineral Processing Laboratory, Outokumpu
National Drill Core Archive, Loppi

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