Katja Majamaa

Katja Majamaa, LLM (with court training), is a legal adviser at the Academy of Finland.

“Back when I first started at the Academy, I mainly worked with administrative law. Little by little, I’ve drifted towards personnel administration. Now, maybe 80 per cent of my work is personnel issues and the rest purely legal tasks. I’m also responsible for work safety and head of the personnel services team of the Administration Unit. I’m in charge of, among other things, work safety and wellbeing, personnel planning and strategy, occupational healthcare, and recruitment. As a legal adviser, I’m the contact person for administrative procedure issues and interpretations of the Administrative Procedure Act. My typical day at work involves attending meetings, reading and writing emails, and providing guidance.”

“Being a people person really helps in this kind of work, because it’s extremely important that people trust you. In working with legal matters, you need to have good grip on current legislation and an open mind. You also need to be neutral, practical and just. My favourite part about working at the Academy is knowing that I’m ultimately contributing to promoting science and research. We have an inspiring work environment that is perhaps slightly atypical for a legal adviser. After all, the Academy is an expert organisation with many different kinds of people from very different kinds of backgrounds.”

“The Academy offers challenging and versatile job opportunities and an interesting environment in which to work. The amount of paperwork has drastically decreased lately, following the introduction of a number of key electronic systems. There’s also more teamwork, and flexibility such as through telework. What hasn’t changed, however, is that Academy staff are firmly committed to doing their job and making a difference.”