Mikko Auvinen

Secretary at a research unit

Mikko Auvinen holds a degree of Bachelor of Business Administration and he works as Secretary to the Culture and Society Research Unit at the Academy of Finland.

“My job is to act as secretary to the Research Council for Culture and Society and to assist the unit’s science advisers. I am also the unit’s contact person in relations with the Research Council and the Academy at large. I keep minutes of the meetings, book meetings and handle travel arrangements. I also send out the notices of meetings and compile the materials needed at Research Council meetings. A secretary's job is to provide for co-workers’ needs and requirements. In this job, social skills and cooperation skills are very useful.

I have worked in the Finnish state administration for 14 years by now, at four different ministries. While I was still at college, I did an internship at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and since then I have had many opportunities to move on to new positions. Your first job in the state administration can often prove a stepping stone to other opportunities. Working in the state administration feels like an important thing to do, since we work for the common good.

The Academy of Finland is the kind of place that offers excellent insight into the workings of the administration and society at large. The best thing about the Academy of Finland is my colleagues, who are friendly and very committed to their work. It also feels good to work for an organisation that is highly regarded. I enjoy my work and hope to continue to work in the state administration for a long time to come.”