Peter Salo

Peter Salo, MSc (Econ. & Bus. Adm.), works as a finance coordinator at the Academy of Finland’s Finance Unit.

“Shortly put, my task is to join together financial data and the Academy’s operations. An important part of this task is to produce figures for operational and financial planning, such as for budget proposals and financial statements. As a finance specialist, I look both forward and backward in time. My job includes calculating the Academy’s appropriation needs and producing special financial reports for the Academy’s management. I also do internal accounting, research grant budgets and follow-up, and indicators. I allocate funds to be distributed by the Academy’s units.”

“I came to the Academy of Finland because I wanted to learn how the research funding system works, how the process is run and how decisions are made. My work is perhaps more than traditional financial administration, strictly speaking, because it’s so closely linked to our core activity, research funding. My work requires knowledge of state economy and the legislation that governs it. It also requires task prioritisation and time management skills – there’s a lot of pressure, and I need to accommodate to requirements from many different people.”

“For me, the best part of my job is when I’m asked to investigate or improve on some financial issue. It’s fun to come up with solutions to new financial variables. Especially lately, there have been many new things to learn. The Academy is a great place to work in that it offers challenging job opportunities. Of course, every job has its routines, but here each staff member is a specialist.”