Riitta Hänninen

Riitta Hänninen has a vocational qualification in business and administration, and she works as a personnel officer at the Academy of Finland’s Administration Unit.

“My job includes a wide range of personnel issues. For example, I’m a main user of the Kieku IT system for financial and human resources administration. An essential part of my job is also to instruct and help Academy staff in personnel matters and in how to use the Kieku portal. I’m also a contact person for the Finnish Government’s Shared Services Centre for Finance and HR. Being a personnel officer at the Academy of Finland requires perseverance, good organisation skills, flexibility and open-mindedness. And it doesn’t hurt if you’re a people person and approachable, too.”

“A normal day at work for me includes reading and writing a lot of emails and helping Academy staff. My job has changed considerably over the last few years, but it just means that there’s never a dull day. In fact, the variety is the best part of the job. A small agency can offer a personnel officer much more varied tasks than a larger agency, because the officer’s job includes the entire HR palette. My tasks have certainly become more challenging over the years.”

“The Academy of Finland is an excellent employer; I’ve enjoyed working here for 15 years. I originally came to the Academy 30 years ago, but I’ve also had other jobs since then. Being professionally mobile helps me appreciate different perspectives. The Academy is also committed to wellbeing at work, investing in culture and sports activities as well as workplace ergonomics. We have flexible working hours and an opportunity to telework. The Academy also arranges both internal and external training sessions to help staff maintain their skills and network with others.”