Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI

We have a passion for learning. We develop teaching, education and vocational training, and promote internationalisation, helping everyone reach their full potential.

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370 employees, 50 teachers around the word, 6 state-run educational institutions.

 In the Finnish National Agency for Education, you will work as an expert with a requirement of a degree in higher education. A large number of our experts have a degree in education, however, many hold a degree in other fields as well, such as humanities and social sciences.

Our premises are located in Hakaniemi, Helsinki.  We use flexible modes of hybrid work and provide a welcoming activity-based environment for our employees.

We offer an inspiring and encouraging work community in which everyone can develop their competence. We offer flexible opportunities for good work-life balance to accommodate different life situations.

Our role as an authority

  • We prepare the national core curricula for basic education, general upper secondary education, pre-primary education and early childhood education and care
  • We lead the preparation of vocational qualification requirements and determine the requirements for qualifications included in the qualification structure
  • We participate in preparing legislation relevant to our sector, and
  • We issue regulations, instructions and recommendations related to implementing the legislation.

In addition, we are responsible for:

  • Keeping a student admission register of upper secondary level institutions, universities of applied sciences and universities
  • Organising language proficiency examinations
  • Organising and funding in-service training professional development for teachers and other education personnel
  • Recognising foreign qualifications.

As an authority, we participate in preparing and implementing statutes on education, vocational training and internationalisation.

Our role as a developer

We support efforts to develop education and vocational training and promote internationalisation by

  • developing partnerships
  • allocating resources
  • providing training and consultancy services
  • carrying out education development projects.

We serve by providing information 

We support the internationalisation of Finnish society through relevant programmes and agreements and by producing information related to internationalisation. We serve as the National Agency for the EU's Erasmus +, European Solidarity Corps and Creative Europe programmes and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Nordplus programme.

In addition:

  • We coordinate information system, register and data warehouse services for the education sector
  • We produce indicators and foresight information for education and vocational training
  • We collect and produce information on the system of central government transfers to the education sector and culture, and
  • We develop and produce small editions of learning materials.

Come and join us in performing our versatile tasks! See our vacancies below.

Published 2015-04-07 at 13:09, updated 2022-05-17 at 10:32

The office building of the Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI.

Picture: Voitto Niemelä.

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