Arja-Sisko Holappa

Counsellor of Education Arja-Sisko Holappa works at the Unit of Basic Education and Early Childhood Education and Care of the Finnish National Agency for Education. She is specialised in issues concerned with curriculum development and learning during early childhood. She is a Doctor of Philosophy (Education).

”I have been looking at the development of education from different viewpoints: as a teacher, researcher, educator, funding provider and in managing processes. My work experience and skills as a researcher make it easier to perceive what is essential from the flood of information and ideas. The ability to get exited about things is also important as it helps persevering when times get tough.

My job consists of diverse expert work concerned with different development and administrative tasks. The work is independent although it primarily occurs in different types of cooperation: meetings, working groups and networks. Working alone would not suit me anyway.

Cooperation with the experts of municipalities, educational institutions, organisations and international networks brings on energy and creates opportunities for involvement. It is also nice to have colleagues of all ages.”