Arto Pekkala

Chief Tecnologist Arto Pekkala works at the Unit of Vocational Upper Secondary and Adult Education and Training of the Finnish National Agency for Education.

He is a Master of Science (Technology) and his work is concerned with the requirements of competence-based qualifications in construction as well as qualification committees.

”My work varies from daily customer service to the management of extensive projects. My work is guided by the objectives of education policy, but recognising sector-specific needs for change in the working life now and in the future is particularly important.

My work includes a lot of negotiations and communicating with educational administration and different working life representatives. Indeed, above all, this work requires project management skills as well as an ability to cooperate with a large group of experts.

It is great to be involved in developing vocational education and training, which is vital for Finland and has high quality. The cooperation in an extensive network of experts also develops my personal competence.”