Ieva Silinevica

Ieva Silinevica is a Project Coordinator at the Unit of Internationalisation Services for Educational Institutions, Youth and Culture of the Finnish National Agency for Education. Her work consists of versatile tasks related to the project administration and finances of the Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme, compiling statistics, and making practical arrangements for different events. Ieva has completed the studies of a Master of Social Sciences in her home country, Latvia. She was an exchange student and EVS volunteer in Finland.

”I have worked in this position since 2012. My job description varies a lot, which requires accuracy, flexibility, prioritisation skills and work time planning. Having an open-minded and curious attitude, intercultural competence as well as human values such as equality and tolerance is also both needed as well as valued in this work. Knowledge of the youth sector and personal experience of EU programmes is also beneficial.

There is broad-based competence and expertise at the Finnish National Agency for Education. As a workplace, the agency offers versatile work assignments and opportunities for developing personal competence. There is increasing need for international competence in a world that is rapidly changing. It is great to work at an agency which plays a significant role in promoting the internationalisation of Finnish society.

I like the fact that although my workdays tend to be quite busy, there is always a little bit of humour in every day thanks to my nice co-workers.”