Kristiina Volmari

Counsellor of Education Kristiina Volmari works as head of unit of Information and analysis at the Finnish National Agency for Education. The unit collects and analyses both national and international data to support decision-making and development.

”My work requires a down-to-earth approach, being proactive and courage to make creative solutions. The opportunity to influence the formation of knowledge and decision-making is highly motivating. Being the boss requires a genuine interest in people and their development.

I have initially graduated as a Master of Arts in linguistics. I later took a PhD in communication studies. This background has been very helpful as good language and public speaking skills are vital in my work. I have to do a lot of public speaking, for example at international meetings.  I also receive many foreign experts and decision-makers who come to Finland because of the strong reputation of our education system. The guests may be demanding and challenge us with their profound questions.

It is a privilege to work in the civil service. Working for the state requires us to give our all for the common good. In this work a positive, hard-working and proactive attitude will get you far.”