Sini Piippo

Senior Programme Adviser Sini Piippo works at the Internationalisation Services of the Finnish National Agency for Education, promoting the internationalisation of Finnish higher education through her work. Her area of responsibility includes the Eritrea Programme funded through Finnish development cooperation aid, the global cooperation of the EU's Erasmus+ programme, and the US-based Scholar Rescue Fund, which supports researchers from crisis areas. Sini has a Master's Degree in Social Sciences.

”I started my work at the agency as a higher education trainee in the autumn of 2009. After the placement, I was given a substitute position and later became a permanent employee. I have been working at the same unit for all these years, but have had various positions.

Above all, my work requires team work skills and the ability to perceive what is essential in a large amount of information. One must also be able to act in different national and international networks, and listen to the needs of the higher education field. The work also requires tolerating uncertainty and different sorts of pressures.

The best things about my job include versatile and meaningful work assignments and, above all, the extensive group of brilliant, smart co-workers here at our office, in different international networks as well as higher education institutions. While the nature of our work is often hectic, the atmosphere is nonetheless motivated and there is plenty of humour, too. Our work has a goal that we all consider significant.

I find that it is important for this kind of expert work that we dare to be open and as easily approachable as possible. This is also my personal goal. The work takes but also gives a lot back.”