Riina Klemettinen

I work as an editor of the New Dictionary of Modern Finnish at the Institute for the Languages of Finland. I first came to work at the Institute as a graduate student trainee in 2007. After a series of part-time and substitute jobs, together with other ventures, I was hired as a permanent editor of our dictionary in 2013. 

In my job I get to put my education to good use and apply every day what I learnt at university. Most of my working hours I spend updating the dictionary. My tasks include, e.g., collecting lexical data, as well as writing new lexical entries and editing old ones. In addition to the regular dictionary work I write popular articles on language and answer various language-related questions.

A significant part of my work is a good workplace community. In addition to our own editorial staff, I am in contact with the language planners and editors of the other dictionaries at the Institute on a daily basis. Whilst working with terminology working groups of different areas, I also get to cooperate with specialists from fields that I am not familiar with.

Even a nice job can’t be your whole life. At the Institute for the Languages of Finland, we have an opportunity to combine work and free time, thanks to flexible working hours and good chances to do distance work. We also agree on the timing of annual vacations flexibly. I am a long-distance commuter – travelling a hundred kilometres from Hämeenlinna to Helsinki – and things like these that may seem small make my hectic everyday life much smoother.