Riitta Eronen

I work as a language planner at the Institute for the Languages of Finland. Most of my diverse tasks have to do with the editing of Kielikello journal. In the early years of my career I worked as an editor of a dictionary, which inspired a vivid interest in neologisms in particular. Currently, neologisms are also covered on the website of the Institute for the Languages of Finland.

Especially whilst working at the Language Office’s helpline, I have come across the immense variety and multitude of contexts language users face, whether they are dealing with terms, style, or orthography; administrative language, textbooks, or translations. The questions often reveal what is especially topical at a given time and what language issues should perhaps be analysed more extensively.

The recommendations issued by the Institute for the Languages of Finland have traditionally been distributed to the general public through Kielikello journal. Kielikello journal is not only a language planning newsletter but also a window on everything we work with at the Institute for the Languages of Finland: dialects, administrative language, name planning… This window is, of course, open to the world – that is where new winds blow from and where new inspiration comes from – and we work on them together. In fact, a language planner should be interested in society and, above all, accept the fact that the world and, along with it, language is in constant change.