Juha Seitajärvi


M.A. (Master of Arts) Juha Seitajärvi does research on Finnish cinema in the department of Film Collections.  He graduated from the University of Turku with a major in Musicology and a minor in Film and Television Studies. “I ended up here soon after my studies in year 2000. I had performed my non-military service at KAVI’s predecessor, the Finnish Film Archive, during which time I got to know the rest of the staff.  When one of the staff members of the Finnish National Filmography research group took a leave of absence I was recommended for the job. First the work was fixed-term but after a couple of years my employment was made permanent. 

My main work deals with the Finnish National Filmography: I specialize in the collection of physical film related materials such as scripts and soundtracks. Interviewing film makers calls for interpersonal skills and patience: schedules change and younger film makers are often busy with their own productions. Flexibility is a must when plans change. My work demands also an exceptionally wide knowledge of cinema.

I’ve been a fan of Finnish film ever since my childhood, and that’s where my basic understanding stems from.  I keep up with the new films all the time as well. The great thing about working at KAVI is that I have a lot of colleagues who are interested in art and cinema. External connections are equally important to me and the opportunity to immerse myself in materials related to Finnish culture. At some point I’d like to take some study leave and write my doctoral thesis, but I will nevertheless want to continue my work here also in the future. “