Mirja Kosonen

Audiovisual Program Officer

Mirja Kosonen is an Audiovisual Program Officer in the department of Media Education and Audiovisual Media. Kosonen is a graduate of a Finnish commercial school and has also taken courses on business administration and IT.  “I got a permanent position in the former Finnish Board of Film Classification in 2001 following a fixed-term contract.  Before that I had worked in totally different jobs dealing with accounting and business administration in the private sector.

My job description consists of the supervision of the audiovisual programme classification and the maintenance of the classifier registry. We make sure that the Act on Audiovisual programmes is being followed. I’m in contact with the providers and we also look for those who are not yet in our registry. We send out bulletins and requests for clarifications. My work which demands serious multitasking calls for organizational skills. IT knowhow is a must.

Positive feedback from a client is what I enjoy most in my work; when things have been well and efficiently taken care of.  One gets one’s share of bad rap as well – especially when the law requires providers to pay their fees. When the law changed in year 2012, we got an extraordinary amount of negative feedback. It was understandable though it made our job quite heavy at the same time.     

I’m pretty sure I’ll stay in this job. We have a great gang here, and a good atmosphere. And the work is interesting.”