Pasi Nyyssönen


Lic.Phil. (Licentiate of Philosophy) Pasi Nyyssönen works as a programmer in the department of Audiovisual Culture. “I majored in History of Ideas and Learning with the emphasis on cinema in the University of Oulu where I also worked as a cinema studies’ lecturer. I got to know this place – then known as the Finnish Film Archive – while performing my non-military service.  I have also been active in several film festivals as a programmer and a film projectionist so I have gathered knowledge of both the theoretical and practical side of cinema. And of course I have watched films as much as I’ve been able to! My job is to plan screening programs. We try to come up with good, interesting and preferably also popular film series for both Helsinki and the regional series. 

My festival experience has really paid off, even the technical side of it. It’s very helpful to know for instance what a film or a dcp really is. The knowledge of film history and film in general is of utmost importance, and it’s good to form a steady grasp of what kind of films speak to our audience. My experience as a lecturer has helped me in various events. I enjoy my work, I find it meaningful. I also get to see films – at least to some extent although not enough! It’s nice to notice when films and audience truly connect. Knowing that you’re doing something that interests others as well is rewarding.”