Risto Laakkonen

Risto works with periodicals. Apart from processing periodicals, he takes care of many duties of the service officer and helps in ILL-services when needed. Periodical processing includes: material unpacking, adding holdings information to the database and shelving.

When he works as the service officer he is responsible for opening monograph literature transfers, filling  book trolleys for cataloguers, shelving items and taking care of disposals. His tasks also include collecting statistics and sending transfer boxes to libraries.  

To succeed in this job he has to be able to solve different problems, to adapt to different situations and work in accurate manner. Risto started his career in the National Repository Library funded by    governmental employment aid and then later he luckily got permanent position.

Risto’s tips for new workers are to be open-minded and to take care of different tasks. The National Repository Library is reliable employer. It is possible to work in privacy when needed, there is a nice atmosphere. Flexible working hours and long holidays are also things to appreciate. In the future Risto hopes to work in the National Repository Library in same tasks.