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Cultural heritage is our shared legacy and an important part of people's everyday lives. The Finnish Heritage Agency is the nation’s specialist, developer and authority in material cultural heritage and the cultural environment field. It collects, manages and presents the national heritage of cultural history and records in addition to producing and providing knowledge.

The Finnish Heritage Agency provides a wide range of continuously developing services for all citizens, working actively to promote the comprehensive preservation and accessibility of cultural heritage, as well as increase appreciation of cultural heritage. The Finnish Heritage Agency's services provide both information as well as cultural experiences.

The Cultural Environment Services department is responsible for official, expert and development tasks related to archaeological cultural heritage, built heritage and the preservation of Finland’s cultural landscape. The Archives and Information Services department is responsible for the Finnish Heritage Agency's records, archive, picture and library services, as well as services and information management related to archaeological collections.

The Finnish Heritage Agency also includes the National Museum of Finland, a national museum of cultural history and Finland's central museum on cultural history. In addition to this, the National Museum of Finland governs the operations of six other museums (the Maritime Museum of Finland, the Museum of Cultures, Hvitträsk, Tamminiemi, the Seurasaari Open-Air Museum and Louhisaari) as well as the operations of Häme Castle and Olavinlinna Castle.

The Finnish Heritage Agency has a permanent staff consisting of some 250 professionals in the fields of material cultural heritage; the cultural environment; the museum, archive and library sector; and information management. Support services are provided by professionals in the fields of economics, human resources, law and development as well as marketing and communications. In addition to these, the agency hires fixed-term seasonal staff for museums open in the summer season as well as fixed-term research and inventory projects.

The agency actively develops its operations by also investing in the expertise and well-being of its personnel. Employee expertise is developed in accordance with an annual action plan based on evaluation and development discussions, while occupational well-being is promoted with the help of occupational health and safety activities, activities that maintain and promote working ability, as well as occupational health care, without forgetting recreational activities. The Board provides employees with flexible working hours and a flexitime leave and working time bank system. Sports and cultural vouchers are also offered when the financial situation allows.

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The Finnish Heritage Agency's main offices are located in Helsinki at Sturenkatu 2a and Mannerheimintie 34. In addition to this, the agency also operates in Askainen, Hämeenlinna, Kirkkonummi, Kotka, Orimattila, Savonlinna, Turku and Vantaa.

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