Matriculation Examination Board

The Matriculation Examination Board is an agency operating under the Ministry of Education and Culture. It is responsible for managing, executing and administrating the Finnish matriculation examination. The Matriculation Examination Board is appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture for a three-year term at a time. The organisation and technical execution of the matriculation examination as well as administration and communication with upper secondary schools is handled by the board’s secretariat. The secretariat is an independent unit of the Finnish National Agency for Education and it employs some 25 people. 

Work at the Matriculation Examination Board 

The matriculation examination is continuously developed in parallel with the National Core Curriculum for General Upper Secondary Education. The development, execution and assessment of the examination required precision, adherence to a strict schedule, and continuous training. The Board members and civil service employees themselves also provide training related to the matriculation examination. 
The matriculation examination is constantly subject to a great deal of public interest. We actively communicate with the public through the media, our website and social media, and produce statistics related to the matriculation examination for, for example, researchers. Our key stakeholders include upper secondary schools, education organisers, researchers, various organisations, among others. 
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