Anna Hatva-Jokinen

I organise the preparation of the matriculation examination language exams at the Matriculation Examination Board’s secretariat, and also handle other practical matters related to the tests in second national language and foreign languages. My work is versatile, interesting and challenging, and it allows me to meet and work with various education experts. Currently we are developing the electronic matriculation examination system together with upper secondary schools. One of the best parts of my job is the fact that I have a vantage point to follow the development of upper secondary education.

I have an educational background as a cultural researcher and majored in ethnology. My Master’s Degree in the humanities has proven to be a great benefit in my work, especially due to its comprehensive nature; in my work, it is important to be able to see things from multiple perspectives. Other important skills required include analytical thinking and the ability to manage large amounts of information and affairs. Quick reactions and meticulousness are also a benefit in practical work.

I first came to the Matriculation Examination Board’s secretariat when I was hired for a summer job position as an office secretary, and after graduating I was hired as a locum examination secretary. After the locum period I was unemployed for about a month, after which the Matriculation Examination Board suddenly hired me for the position of archivist. I worked as an archivist for about a year until my current position became available. I submitted my application despite being convinced that I was underqualified for such a demanding position. Surprisingly I ended up being the second most qualified applicant and got the job. I quickly learned the basics under the excellent tutelage of a more experienced colleague. Since then I’ve found my own way of working, one that I continue to develop to this day.

I enjoy working as part of such a good working community. Our numbers at the secretariat are few, but we all have a clear mission that we try to carry out together to the best of our abilities. Currently we are in the midst of a great change, which is making our work particularly interesting. That is why I hope that I will continue to be able to develop the matriculation examination for the benefit of the youth of Finland.