Markku Rytkönen

I work at the Finnish Matriculation Examination Board as an examination secretary. As for my educational background, I have a master’s degree in Social Sciences. My main tasks include customer service and the processing of applications. My customers are upper secondary school principals and teachers, pupils candidates taking the matriculation examination, parents of candidates, and authorities.

The customer services I provide consist of instructions and guidance related to the matriculation examination given via telephone or e-mail. In addition to this, I prepare, present and write decisions regarding applications that concern candidates taking the matriculation examination. I also serve as the secretary of the committee that processes doctor's certificates and explanations for exceptional life situations, and I take part in the packing and mailing of exam questions.

My work at the Matriculation Examination Board is independent and versatile. The preparation and organisation of the matriculation examination follows a strict schedule, and work at the Matriculation Examination Board requires precision and the ability to work to tight deadlines. On the other hand, the tight schedule provides clear goals.

Currently the matriculation examination is being digitalised, meaning that in the near future the examination will be carried out using a computer instead of the traditional pen and paper. This will also have an impact on our work at the Matriculation Examination Board since the change will make some current tasks redundant and create new tasks at the same time, which will require us to learn new skills.