Matti Lattu

Matti Lattu works as project manager of the matriculation examination digitalisation project.

I started my work at the Matriculation Examination Board’s secretariat as the project manager of the matriculation examination digitalisation project in spring 2013. My tasks consist of monitoring the work being carried out by experts, and communication with upper secondary schools as well as equipment and service providers. My main responsibility is to make sure that everyone involved in the project is aware of what we need to do to keep things moving, and that information flows freely between different operators.

I have studied behavioural sciences and have been programming since the age of 10. For the last ten years I worked in the IT sector. This background is a great benefit in my current work since I can fluently communicate with both the future users of the service and the people creating it.

The digitalisation project is being watched closely, which sets the bar high. However, the greatest challenge is to assure my own colleagues that the information technologies used in the project will work without a hitch. The work ethic among the secretariat’s employees is high. Mistakes are hard to accept since it is usually the candidates  who end up suffering from them. On the other hand, the visibility works both ways – this is a great way to witness the development of Finnish education and upper secondary schools first-hand. We try to cooperate as much as we can since this cooperation benefits everyone. Interaction and communication skills are particularly important, and there is always room for improvement.

I applied for the position through a public job posting. I must admit that I was a bit nervous about coming to work at the Matriculation Examination Board; after all, it is quite an important national institution in Finland. On the other hand, everyone is familiar with the work we do. As a workplace, the Matriculation Examination Board is small and has a flat organisation. This makes tasks and working methods flexible. If I have any questions or ideas, I can just knock on my colleagues’ doors or use an instant messenger.