Tomi Rasimus

Tomi Rasimus is the director of information request services at the National Archives of Finland. “The best parts of my work are the challenging tasks, and being able to come up with workable solutions for them,” Rasimus says. Rasimus is motivated by managing people and things, as well as by the expert tasks involved in the work. Rasimus says his workdays are very varied.

“The purpose of the information request services is to respond to the requests of customers for information concerning documents stored in the National Archives, or for information contained in those documents. We receive over 25,000 requests for information per year, and that number is growing all the time. For a few years now, the service cards that were made for war-time military service have been the most popular subjects of requests.” The rapid increase in the number of orders for these cards has created some challenges recently for the information request services of the National Archives.

Rasimus has worked for the National Archives for 20 years. Before his present position, his previous jobs at the Archives have been as an archivist, researcher, senior inspector, and development manager. Rasimus is a graduate of what was once the University of Joensuu, which is now part of the University of Eastern Finland. He holds a degree in Finnish history.

In recent years, Rasimus has also been doing further studies alongside his work. “In 2011, I began studying law at the Open University of the University of Eastern Finland, and soon after I became a graduate student. Now I’m no longer a graduate of administrative sciences whose studies have not yet been completed.”

Rasimus praises the flexibility of the National Archives of Finland, which has a well-established practice of encouraging and supporting lifelong learning and continued education. “I enjoy the legal challenges in my work, and further education has helped me to better meet these challenges,” Rasimus says.

Rasimus is very pleased that finding and maintaining a balance between work and private life has been easy with the National Archives of Finland. “I also like, for example, the very positive attitude that the National Archive has about remote working.”