The Sámi Education Institute

Sámi Education Institute, in short SAKK, is a unique vocational upper secondary education school, which organizes multi-disciplinary professional education in Finnish and Sámi languages and promotes Sámi culture throughout the Sámi area. Co-operation in education and research extends beyond the Sámi states, in particular, into the world of northern indigenous peoples.

The head office of the Institute is located in the multicultural village of Inari.  Other offices are located in Kaamanen and Hetta.

The Sámi Education aims to carry out the principles of sustainable development in all of its functions and  promotes combining of the traditional culture and livelihood based skills into the high standards set from a modern society.

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The Sámi Education Institute.

Good to know about us

SAKK -Creative solutions, new technologies and Arctic designs combined with traditional Sámi livelihoods.

Contact information

Our facilities are situated in Inari, Ivalo, Kaamanen and Enontekiö.

The Sami Education Institute Menesjärventie, 99870 Inari
Tel. 040 723 7309

SAKK/ The nature-based production development unit
Toivoniementie 290, 99910 Kaamanen

SAKK/ Enontekiö unit
Ruijantie 5, 99400 Enontekiö

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