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Valteri is a National Centre for Learning and Consulting that operates under the Finnish National Board of Education. There are six units (Mikael, Mäntykangas, Onerva, Ruskis, Skilla and Tervaväylä) in different parts of Finland.

Supporting the neighbourhood school

Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting offers support for learning and school attendance to pupils, their families and staff working closely with them. Children and young people receiving general, intensified and special support benefit from our services. Our aim is to enable as many pupils as possible to attend their neighbourhood school.

Through multi-disciplinary cooperation and rehabilitation support we promote the child´s or the young person´s learning and ability to function at different stages throughout school. For your benefit, we offer excellent expertise in both areas. Our in-service training, consultation and workplace counselling services will strengthen pupils’ learning and school attendance, as well as the staff’s expertise in rehabilitation that supports these areas. We constantly develop new forms of services to meet the changing needs of the teaching of today. Our services may include analysis and consultation visits, evaluation and support periods, workplace counselling and in-service training.

Partnership with municipalities

We work in partnership with municipalities and schools to arrange general, intensified and special support in preschool and basic education. In order to support the daily routines at neighbourhood schools our partnership model offers professional support with multidisciplinary expertise in teaching, learning, school attendance and rehabilitation.

Research and network cooperation

In collaboration with research institutes, universities of applied sciences, universities etc. we participate in research projects that study factors affecting children’s and young people’s learning, ability to function and rehabilitation.
We are active collaborators in projects and networks that develop learning and school attendance in Finland and internationally.

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