The Regional State Administrative Agencies


The Regional State Administrative Agency carries out executive, steering and supervisory tasks of the Finnish legislation in the regions. The Agency promotes the implementation of basic rights and legal protection, access to basic public services, environmental protection, environmental sustainability, internal security, education and cultural services and a safe and healthy living and working environment.

The Regional State Administrative Agencies were established on 1 January 2010, together with Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. They are responsible for the tasks of the former County Administrative Boards, Environmental Permit Authorities, Regional Environment Centres and industrial safety districts.

In their operations, the Agencies utilise their versatile expertise. They carry out tasks under eight different ministries. Work at the Agency is cross-sectoral, that is: tasks are carried out in cooperation with different divisions.

The Agency’s tasks are mainly carried out regionally, with each Agency taking care of them for its operating region. However, there are also tasks that are carried out in a centralised manner by certain Agency/Agencies.

The Regional State Administrative Agencies have five divisions:

• Basic Public Services, Legal Rights and Permits
• Rescue Services and Preparedness
• Education and Culture
• Occupational Health and Safety
• Environmental Permits

Further information about the tasks and responsibilities of each Regional State Administrative Agency can be found at the Agency’s website (

Typical positions

The most common job titles include Administrative Officer; Senior Officer; Departmental Secretary; Office Secretary; Rapporteur; Planning Officer; Occupational Health and Safety Engineer; Senior Adviser, Environmental Affairs; Legal Counsel; Senior Planning Officer; Senior Officer, Social Services; Senior Officer, Educational Affairs; Administrative Officer, Health Care Services; Senior Medical Officer of Regional Administration; Supervisory Veterinarian and Senior Officer, Rescue Services.

About the personnel’s educational background

Persons working in specialist positions usually have a suitable higher education degree. Persons working in support functions normally have a secondary education degree.

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Good to know about us

The Regional State Administrative Agencies are multisectoral organisations and need skilled personnel with different educational backgrounds.

Other locations

There are six Regional State Administrative Agencies in Finland, operating in a total of 13 locations. In addition to the main offices, the Regional State Administrative Agencies have offices